Yellow House

House Slogan

Go Ahead! Be the best!!

Yellow Yellow is the best!

House Activities

Among the various inter-house events every year, the biggest one must be the Inter-house Drama Competition.Every year, schoolmates wait for the great performances prepared by different Houses.The competition takes place right after the final exam.Therefore, House committee members need to sacrifice some of their studying time to prepare for the drama.

Personal Reflection

The influence of a House would not be very obvious at school if there were no inter-house competitions.However, students never neglect the capital letter next to their names on the student list. The letter R, B, Y or G represents the House they belong to.

Yellow House, like other houses, is a big family where we have a lot of brothers and sisters.Housemates can work with other schoolmates.Sometimes we call ourselves the ‘Yelomates’, a fresh and catchy name that helps foster that sense of belonging that every great team needs.

During big inter-house functions like the Sports Day and the Drama Competition, Houses do make a huge difference in students’ lives because it is at that time that students really feel that they fit in and are part of something big and meaningful.

In the last five years, the Yelomates shared so many special moments together.Do you remember those tiring afternoons that we spent before the Sports Day? We shouted, yelled, and howled.Some of us even had a sore throat, but we forgot how tired we were during the practice when we heard ‘Champion, Yellow House!’ in the prize-giving ceremony.