All-round and balanced development

Students in our school are encouraged not only to strive for excellent academic results, but also to be actively involved in sports and arts, as well as a number of other extra-curricular activities. This is important to their development of proper moral character and leadership qualities. Additionally, our school encourages a student-oriented teaching model and promotes collaborative learning and independent learning among students.  Our school emphasizes language and mathematics training and tries to cultivate students’ generic skills through subject activities and extra-curricular activities.

Chinese and English Extensive Reading Scheme

Chinese and English Departments actively promote extensive reading schemes and encourage students to form a good reading habit. The school library collaborates with various subject panels with the aim of assisting students in efficiently using the library resources. The Reading Scheme includes: morning reading periods which are held to create an in-class reading atmosphere, regular activities like book exhibitions, recommended reading, book sharing and author talks.

Nurturing Multiple Intelligence

Our school provides various forms of activities in sports, music and extra-curricular activities to nurture students’ multiple intelligence. On top of these, emphasis is put on developing students’ creative thinking. Since 2000, our students have been declared champions of the Hong Kong Odyssey of the Mind Programme ten times and won the world championship in the World Finals held in the United States.

Self-responsible and optimistic Life

Our school strongly encourages student career planning. Talks, information sessions, visits and numerous other activities are organized for students of different forms to help them better understand their own aspiration, interests and abilities. Again these activities help students discover and bring into focus their talents and strengths.

English Learning Atmosphere

Catering Learner Differences

Junior forms

S1 students have English lessons in smaller class size (around 20) such that more support can be given.

S2 and S3 students are allocated to 4 different types of classes: elite class, classes with better in English, better in Chinese and better in Mathematics. Enhancement strategies are tailor made for each type of class. For example, in the class having students with better in Mathematics, enrichment topics are introduced in Mathematics lessons to further arouse their interest, while split class arrangement is adopted for Chinese Language and General English lessons.

Tutorials including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science are arranged to S1 and S2 students on Saturday morning to help them overcome the difficulties encountered in the subject.

Junior form students are encouraged to participate in different competitions to gain experiences such as speech festival, writing contest, debating competitions and mathematics Olympiad. Gifted students are invited to enroll the courses held by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education.

Senior forms

A wide range of after school supplementary classes (mainly for elective subjects) are held under the After School Learning and Support Programmes (ASLSP) to help both elite and normal students.

Supplementary classes during lesson time (core subjects) are arranged for S5 and S6 students who have dropped an elective.

Alumni are hired to help S6 students during study leave through knowledge consolidation and past papers checking.

Diversity Learning Grant (DLG) are used to cherish high fliers in various areas such as English public speaking, drama, debating and music. Some talented students are invited to join courses held by university institutions, especially science related subjects.


Our school offers a comprehensive STEM education program for secondary one and two students. The curriculum covers 3D modeling, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, Arduino embedded systems, and programming. Students actively participate in drone, robotics, and smart home solution activities and competitions. We have a state-of-the-art STEM laboratory equipped with a laser engraver and 3D printers to facilitate hands-on learning. Our approach emphasizes collaboration, practical application, critical thinking, and innovation. We aim to inspire students to become problem solvers and leaders in STEM fields.