Well-Equipped Library

Our school library is located on the third floor of the new school wing, with a spacious and bright environment. To meet the needs of students for diverse learning and leisure time, multi patron services are provided such as circulation services, self-study space, computer services and photocopying.

Extensive Collection

The library has adhered to the principle of "careful selection and active acquisition" of books. The collection contains more than 20,000 volumes, including various Chinese and English books and magazines. From literature to leisure reading, from humanities to science, students can cultivate reading interest and integrate what they have learned in the classroom, achieving analogical reasoning and attaining proficiency in both Chinese and English。


The library provides rich teaching resources for lesson preparation and professional development. Past papers are also available for borrowing. In addition, the library has added the "eLibrary plus Integrated Library" and participated in the "E-reading Scheme" to encourage students to read anytime and anywhere.

Diverse Activities

To promote a culture of reading with the campus, our library collaborates with various parties to organize different reading activities to broaden students' reading horizons, such as book sharing, reading clubs, campus book fairs and author talks. Students also record their reading progress through the year-long reading scheme and nurture a habit of reading.

Our library has been making continuous improvement by listening to feedback from various stakeholders to facilitate learning. Furthermore, with the assistance of student librarians, the library is a place to learn and grow, beyond the classroom's usual flow.

Library Location: 3rd Floor, New Wing Campus (Room 321)

Opening hours: Monday to Friday (8:00 am to 6:00 pm), Saturday (9:00 am to 12:00 nn)

Reading online platform
eLibrary plus : https://www.eclass.com.hk/product/elibrary-plus/
eRead Scheme :


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