The 12th North Kwai Chung Scout Group (12NKC) is a school-based unit in Ho Fung. It has been running for many years now, and aims to build up members’ self-confidence and teach members to be self-reliant. It also promotes tolerance and tries to nurture a caring and understanding attitude in its members. The group achieves its aims through a range of fun and mostly outdoor activities and training. Activities range from foot-drill training, first-aid and classes teaching knotting techniques & map-reading skills to camping, hiking, backwoods cooking and orienteering.

The group also participates in functions organized by the Scout Association of Hong Kong and other scout groups. We attend scout rallies and sometimes help raise funds for the organization through the sale of raffle tickets. We are also actively involved in service projects on Sports Day and in the community. It is hoped that by taking part in different activities, our members will become more aware of their civic duties and responsibilities, show concern for others and, in general, take a more active role in society.


可風中學(嗇色園主辦) Ho Fung College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)
Visitors: 6023163
Address: 新界上葵涌和宜合道448號
Address: 448 Wo Yi Hop Road, Sheung Kwai Chung, NT
Tel: (852) 2425 3563
Fax: (852) 2425 9165
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