Girl Guides

The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association's Symbol is based on the shape of the trefoil. Its notched edges and its mauve colour represent the blossom of Bauhinia blakeana, while the red colour represents lucky. The white lines within the symbol form the Chinese character “Gwong” meaning the light of guiding beacon, a Guiding concept.

101st NT Company is a school-based unit of Ho Fung College. We aim to uncover the potential in every one of our girls. We provide our members with self-training opportunities that develop character and awareness of important social issues. We take part in community projects as well and participate in flag selling and fund raising activities. We also serve in school events such as Sports Day, the Cross Country Run and the Swimming Gala.

We have regular meetings on Fridays after school. Through basic foot drill training, Girl Guides can learn the importance of discipline. We also learn essential skills such as first-aid and roping and knotting techniques. Besides all this, there are also cookery classes such as the primitive pancake cooking class – the art of making pancakes with a soft drink can and a candle – and handicraft classes teaching knitting and sewing. All these classes are very popular.

Another key component of our group is outdoor activities. Through camping, campfires and outdoor cooking, Girl Guides can enjoy the beauty of nature and learn how to start and nurture friendships. Furthermore, the Interest Badge System encourages Girl Guides to develop interests in four key areas namely service, character, skill and fitness.