School Regulations

A. General Guidelines

  1. Students should keep their personal appearance tidy. (Please refer to "Students' Dress Code and Appropriate Demeanour".)
  2. Students should line up in a single queue and keep quiet while attending morning assemblies and going to special rooms for lessons.
  3. Students should return to their classrooms immediately when the bell rings.
  4. Students must stand up to greet teachers and guests when they enter or leave the classroom.
  5. No students may remain in their classrooms after dismissal without the school's permission.
  6. Before leaving a classroom, students should ensure that all electrical appliances and information technology equipment there have been switched off.
  7. Students are not allowed to run along corridors and staircases or shout.
  8. Students must not enter other classrooms without teachers' permission.
  9. Students should observe the school's eating and drinking rules.
  10. Students should keep the campus clean and tidy, and take care of public property.
  11. Students should report any damage to school property to the school immediately. The school reserves the right to claim damages from students liable in cases of vandalism.
  12. Students should report any loss of personal belongings to the school immediately. However, the school is not liable for any loss or compensation.
  13. Students are allowed to use the General Office's telephones only for urgent matters and with the permission of the office staff.
  14. Students are not allowed to smoke or gamble inside or outside the school campus.
  15. On Saturdays and Sundays, and during holidays, only students who have got prior approval from the teachers concerned are allowed to return to the school. In addition, they should observe the regulations for students who come back to school during holidays.

B. Examination Regulations

  1. Examination is held before the end of each school term. Results throughout the year of a student are taken into account when determining the student's promotion.
  2. A student who fails to meet promotion requirements may repeat the form for one year. A repeater who fails again may be ordered to withdraw from school.
  3. Students found cheating in examinations will be disqualified from the examination of the respective subjects.
  4. Students who are absent from examinations due to sickness should notify the Principal in writing with the support medical certificates immediately.
  5. Students absent from school for twenty days without justification are not allowed to sit for examinations. Regardless of the rationale behind, students absent from school for more than one third of the school days are not allowed to sit for examinations.
  6. Students should observe the examination regulations, which will have been shown on the examination venues.

C. Application for leave

  1. Parents or guardians should call the General Office by 8:15am of the day for any ad hoc absence of students, and provide the school with a note of excuse signed by parents or guardians on the following school day.
  2. Students absent from school without proper justification are treated as truancy. The school may impose punishment.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave the campus during school hours without the prior approval from the school's permission.
  4. Without the Principal's or teacher's permission, students are not allowed to skip any classes.
  5. Students arriving at the school after the first lesson bell should register at the security booth at the entrance.
  6. Students who need to apply for exemption from attending P.E. classes should produce notes of excuse to the P.E. teachers. For exemption of two weeks or more, medical certificates are required in addition to the notes of excuse.

D. Restricted Areas

Without proper permission, students should not enter or use the following areas:

  1. School Hall
  2. General Office
  3. Conference Room
  4. Teachers' Rooms
  5. Teachers' Common Room
  6. Teachers' Lavatories
  7. Parent-Teacher Association Office
  8. Laboratories and Special Rooms
  9. Printing Room
  10. Fitness Training & Assessment Centre
  11. P.E. Storage Room
  12. Rooftop of School Hall
  13. Band Room
  14. Medical Room

E. Letter of Warning and Dismissal

  1. At the discretion of the Principal, warning letters may be sent to the parents or guardians of students behaving badly.
  2. The school may expel students who are either:
         (a) in serious breach of school rules, or
         (b) found guilty of a grave moral or criminal offence inside or outside the school.
  3. The school may reserve no places for students truanting over a long period of time.