Teachers' Professional Development Section

The Staff Development Unit was established in 1996 with the following aims:

  • to assist teachers to develop their potential and strengths in order to enhance their working efficiency;
  • to encourage teachers to grow professionally and keep abreast of education innovations so that they are able to face new challenges;
  • to facilitate the school to realize her goals, enhance school effectiveness and provide high quality education.

On top of joint-school Teacher Development Days sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen, the Unit worked in line with the above targets and organized different kinds of  activities : workshops, seminars, school visits, sharing, outings, games etc which are related to teachers’ individual needs, teaching and learning as well as school development.

To cope with the greater teacher turnover in recent years, the Unit has launched ‘New Teacher Orientation’. Mentors on teaching and non-teaching duties are assigned to new teachers who are also invited to attend school-based mini-workshops. 

In face of greater student diversity, curriculum changes and education reforms, new teachers are purposefully invited to join the Unit to give new stimulus and make new endeavours. Further exploration on ‘Teaching and Learning’ will be the focus of the Unit in the imminent future. It is hoped that staff development will make great strides forward in Ho Fung College in years to come.