The School Discipline Section is responsible for management of the discipline and order of students. We have a set of clear school regulations to guide students to proper conduct and self-consciousness. The targets of the Section are as follows:

  • To formulate and implement a school-based discipline policy;
  • To establish a safe, disciplined and harmonious school environment, so that students can focus on their studies;
  • To instil a sense of responsibility and good citizenship into students.


At the beginning of each school year, the Section holds briefing sessions to highlight important requirements on disciplinary matters and raise students' moral awareness. To achieve the objective of “sustaining a whole-school approach in student discipline”, the Section also regularly organises activities and assemblies to strengthen students’ ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Competitions focusing on cleanliness, punctuality, courtesy and classroom discipline are held on a regular basis to enhance students' awareness of self-discipline. In addition, the Section launches joint programmes with other units or committees to strengthen students' sense of unity of the school. The Section also encourages teachers to recognise students' excellence in conduct by adding conduct marks.

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