Student Counselling Unit

School life is of great importance in playing the role of socialization and cultivating students’positive values, attitudes and self-confidence. The Student Counseling Section is then a department to organize developmental and remedial programs at different stages of students’growth.

Our activities are planned in two major directions. The first one is the“Whole School Approach”which tries to involve all teachers and school personnel under the leadership of our Principal and aims at creating a positive school environment in order to assist all students to be aware of and overcome their adjustment and developmental problems. External institutions will also be invited to provide professional training skills.

Intellectual, social and emotional developments are characterized by preteens and teens who begin to question family and school rules, challenge their parents, spend more time with peers and explore their identities. Individual students’ counseling is indispensable in our school, it is then our second direction to provide related help for those students who always seek for teachers’guidance. Our teacher-members of Student Counseling Unit are always ready for identifying all students’needs and offering initial and immediate assistance. Sometimes, referrals will be made to our school social worker if necessary.

To ensure that our S1 freshmen can adapt to secondary school life, the“Big Brothers and Big Sisters Scheme”is launched at the beginning of each academic year. Student counselors recruited from senior forms will play a crucial role in guiding freshmen to adjust and adapt to new school life. They will render their care and offer continuous peer counseling for younger schoolmates who in return share their problems and worries. Trusting relationships are then developed.

To cater for their developmental needs, programs such as“Getting Along with Friends”,“Awarding Scheme”,“ “Taste of Life”and“Sex Education Workshops”are introduced every year. Students are strongly encouraged to maintain good relationships with each other and reflect their attitudes towards life in order to be free from perplexity.

To foster the sense of responsibility and commitment to our community, organizing students to take part in voluntary work has also become a major concern of our section. Students in different forms are encouraged to involve themselves in social services.

On the whole, through different kinds of activities and individual counseling, students are nurtured better self-image and self-esteem to be ready for becoming responsible global citizens.


Student Counselor Enrolment Ceremony S.1 Big Brothers and Big Sisters Scheme
Sex Education Workshop Taste of Life – Table Manner