School Social Work Service

The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society appointed Ms Ada Wong Hoi Shan as our school social worker.  Her stationing days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  She provides professional case work counseling to the students and families in need.   Academic performance, parent-child relationship and peer relationship are the prime concerns of the students.  Students are searching their identities by building relationship with others during the adolescent stage.  Ms Wong co-operates with different functional groups in school and organizes various programmes to help enhance students’self-esteem, communication skills and problem solving skills.  Training of Big Brother and Big Sister Scheme, Peer Mediators and Adventure Ship are some of the examples.  To enhance students’stress management, Escape Games - Freeing Stress, are done for junior form students and relaxation workshops are hold for F.6 students.  Career Mapping workshop and Finding Your Colour workshop are launched for students to understand their learning style, subject choice and career paths.  Parents are our key partners in nurturing students, Ms Wong delivers topical seminars, e.g. Challenge of Using Smart Phone Towards the Family, Troubles from Youth and Parents; and conducts parent education workshops to enhance parenting skills and foster the parent-child relationship.