Students' Association

Students nowadays strive for excellence in more than one aspect. As the Students’Association of Ho Fung College, we have tried our best to help students achieve their goals.

In the past years, we offered assistance to students to pursue a better academic result. We offered schoolmates Joint-school oral practice and mock examination paper exchange. We also held various internal and external co-curricular activities.

Internally, we held a lot of activities to enrich students’ school life, such as the Halloween Party. We decorated our school into a haunted house and invited students to dress like ghosts to scare participants. We also invited Ms Tang Siu-lam, a cancer patient, to give a sharing. She is twenty-three but she has been fighting cancer for a long while. Her experience certainly inspired all of us, making us treasure our lives. We also hosted the Singing Contest to give students who are music-lovers a chance to perform on stage. It was really a great opportunity to them.

Externally, we also held a lot of activities with the Students’Associations of other schools. The Joint-school Exchange Programme, for example, allowed some of our schoolmates to join other secondary schools in Tsuen Wan for a different school life for three days. At the same time, students of other schools joined us to study for three days as well. The Joint-schoolCity Hunting allowed our students a chance to know students of other schools and enrich their social circles. Students of different schools were formed into teams randomly to strive for a common goal. The experience was great. Last year, we were also invited as student representatives to a meeting with the IMC on the design of our new school blazer. It was a huge recognition of our schoolmates’ ability which was witnessed in the many all round student performances over the years.

Helping students to achieve their goals is not only meaningful but also rewarding. A smile or a thank-you from students is more than enough for us. By organizing various activities, we have gained valuable experiences beyond the textbooks. These are essential to a fulfilling university life and a promising future career.

The coming cabinets will have a tough job catering to students’more and more diverse needs. Yet we have full confidence that the cabinets-to-be will do a great job, creating one after another fruitful school year for our schoolmates and themselves.