House Slogan

Go Ahead!

Be the best!

Green House is the best!

House Activities

The Swimming Gala, the Sports Day, the Cross-country Run, ball games and the Drama Competition are all good opportunities for students to display their talents. All House members strive for the remarkable.

At the beginning of every academic year, the Green House committee organizes a welcome party for new house members from the form one cohort. The party provides the newcomers with a good chance to know more about committee members.House committee members make use of the chance to encourage the new members to participate in House activities.

Personal Reflection

Animation, activity, unity and diligence are the symbols of Green House.All members gave their best in all activities.The great results in the Inter-house competitions, our House members’ high spirit and our active participation in activities fostered our sense of belonging.

When our House members took part in activities and competitions, they never grumbled nor gave up easily.Instead they worked hard to overcome difficulties.Devotion to the house and a never-say-die attitude are the values that are treasured by one and all.

In fact, members of Green House showed a great sense of belonging.With dedication and innovation, they stuck together to solve problems and achieve greater success.

We believe that with all our effort, nothing is impossible.

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