Interclass Lunar New Year Fair and Cultural Festival Activities (PTA)

2024-02-07 (Wednesday)
Location : School covered playground
Leader : Ho Fung College Parent-Teacher Association
Category : PTA / Parent Participation
The annual large-scale interclass lantern fair, organized by the Student Association, was held on February 7, 2024. In addition to selling donated items from parents, the long-awaited food stalls, which had been absent for several years, finally made a comeback! The members of the PTA enthusiastically prepared delicious food, hoping to bring a different visual and gustatory experience to the students. This year's delicacies included the perennial favorite pan-fried turnip cake, as well as Swiss sauce chicken wings, hot and sour soup, grilled pork skewers, rainbow jelly, and mango pudding. All the food was quickly sold out, and it was happy to see the students enjoy it with great relish! This event also relied on the strong support of parents who donated goods and more than 30 parent volunteers on the day, allowing us to successfully complete this grand event, raising a total of $2,559. Everyone was delighted to participate in this meaningful activity, and we hope to see you again next year!