Inter-School Cross Country Competition (TW & Islands Sec. Schools)

Category : General
Date : 2019-11-05 (Tuesday)
Host : HKSSF TW & Islands Secondary Schools Area Committee
Location : Tai Lam Country Park (Tai Tong Route)
Nature : External

Congratulations to all the winners of HKSSF Tsuen Wan & Islands Secondary Schools Area Committee Inter-School Cross Country Competition.

Girls Overall Champion
Girls Grade A
2nd Runner-up
Girls Grade B 
Girls Grade C
6B Fung Hoi Lam
(Individual 4th Runner-up)
3D Choi Chak Yan
(Individual Champion)
1B Choi Chak Hei
(Individual Champion)
4B Cheng Hei
(Individual 8th Runner-up)
4B Law Wai Lam
(Individual 2nd Runner-up)
1B Wong Pui Ka
(Individual 1st Runner-up)
4A Yulia Ivanova
(Individual 9th Runner-up)
3D Ip Ching Yi
(Individual 3rd Runner-up)
1B Kwok Hei Yiu
(Individual 5th Runner-up)
5C Chau Hiu Tung 4C Man Wai Tung
(Individual 5th Runner-up)
1B Fung Sum Yu
(Individual 6th Runner-up)
5D Fung Wai Wan Vivian 3A Ng Sze Wing Athena 1A Lai Ka Wai
6B Li Lok Tung 3C Lee Lok Hay 1B Wong Tsoi Mei
  4C Du Cheuk Chi 2D Tsui Cheuk Nam















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