Environmental Education in Ho Fung


The objectives of Green School are to provide opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills for sustainable development and to provide opportunities for all of us to promote environmental protection among ourselves and the general public.

We promote the conception of Green School through various cross-curricular domains. Relevant knowledge and topics are taught and introduced by Geography, Liberal Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Integrated Science. A group of Student Environmental Protection Ambassadors are appointed to help promote environmental education in the school. Recycling at campus, Rooftop Garden, Water Saving are various activities for students to join the action of protecting environment. 


Activities Highlights

Date Organizer Activity
2018-05-03 Moral & Civic Education Section and Geography Department S3 Ecotour to Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park
2018-01-18 Moral & Civic Education Section A school visit of the Secretary for the Environment, Mr. WONG Kam Sing, GBS, JP
2017-11-22 Moral & Civic Education Section A school talk about "Plastic Bottle Recycling Programme" by Mr LIU Kin Wai
2017-05-05 Moral & Civic Education Section

Field study tour to Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre

2017-03-17 Moral & Civic Education Section

Game Stall「環保過三關」

2017-03-16 Moral & Civic Education Section

School Talk - Global Climate Change

2017-01-21 嗇色園

綠遊大仙祠 環保同樂日「環保過三關」攤位遊戲

2016-12-06 Moral & Civic Education Section

Visit to Kowloon Bay Material Transfer Centre

2016-11-29 Moral & Civic Education Section

Visit to Orgainic farm

2016-10-24 Environmental Campaign Committee

The 14th Hong Kong Green School Award

2016-10-04 Moral & Civic Education Section

Visits to Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change


家長教師會 親子旅行「參觀水耕有機農場及綠在沙田—石門環保中心」


通識教育科 參觀活動:中華電力公司核能資源中心


Moral & Civic Education Section Energy saving campaign – morning assembly


Home Economic Society & Moral & Civic Education Section Turnip harvesting and cooking activity


嗇色園 環境及自然保育基金ECF「綠色夥伴計劃」


Moral & Civic Education Section Energy saving school talk by Hong Kong Friends of the Earth


Moral & Civic Education Section Onsite board display – Energy saving


Moral & Civic Education Section Junior form & senior form morning assembly – Energy saving campaign


Moral & Civic Education Section Organic farm visit


Moral & Civic Education Section Recycling of food remains


Moral & Civic Education Section Organic farming activity in Ho Fung


Integrated Science Department, Geography Department & the School Library Quiz competition


Moral & Civic Education Section S2 exhange programme - Shaoguan


Moral & Civic Education Section Study tour – Three Gorges in China


Geography Department, History Department & Liberal Studies Department Study tour - Taiwan


家長教師會 步步糕昇傳耆康親子活動


Discipline Section School cleaning day


Environmental education documents

Ho Fung College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) Green Policy


環境教育組問卷調查分析報告 2015-16



Environmental Campaign Committee 環境運動委員會

Environmental Bureau 環境局

Environmental Protection Department 環境保護署

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department 漁農自然護理署

Greenpeace 綠色和平

Friends Of The Earth 地球之友

World Wide Fund 世界自然基金會

Green Council 環境促進會

Green Power 綠色力量

The Nature Conservancy 大自然保護協會

Sik Sik Yuen 嗇色園

Ho Koon Nature Education cum Astronomical Centre (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) 嗇色園主辦可觀自然教育中心暨天文館

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