41st Speech Day

2020-10-17 (Saturday)
Category : Parent Participation  ¦  Student Development  ¦  Others
In this most joyous occasion we welcomed back the latest cohort of graduates and celebrated their achievements, with our distinguished guests, members of the Incorporated Management Committee, the Ho Fung College Alumni Association, the Parent-Teacher Association and parents gracing our ceremony.

The Chairperson of the Incorporated Management Committee, Mr. LAI Chak Sum, thanked the staff for all the academic and extra-curricular accomplishments this year, while introducing the wide range of social services of our sponsoring body Sik Sik Yuen, from child and elderly care to medical services. Our Guest of Honour, Professor Marco PAN, the President of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association, shared his earlier life overcoming challenges studying in Hong Kong and overseas. He encouraged graduates to identify their passion and embrace their dreams.

After the presentation of prizes and awards, WONG Tsz-yi Nicole (6E) represented the student body to give the votes of thanks and expressed their gratitude to the School, the Principal, parents and teachers for the nurture and care. As the ceremony drew to a close, a violin performance was dedicated with best wishes for our graduates' future, and classes took photos on stage and on the playground capturing their joy and excitement on the day.
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