Fintech Workshops

2022-05-14 (Saturday)
Leader : Mr Cheung Chi Man, Ms Fork Wai Man
Category : Academic

30 students who study BAFS or Economics and ICT from Secondary 4 to 5 joined a programme about financial technology (fintech). The programme consist of two parts:

  • Part 1: Learning finance through board games such as Stockery
  • Part 2: Projects on technical fronts, including design of bank customer service chatbot, web scraping for financial market data and understanding blockchain

Under the anti-epidemic regulations, 10 workshops for Part 2 were conducted on Zoom during the special vacation from March to April whereas the Part 1 activity was held face-to-face on 14 May.

Students joining the programme yielded fruitful experiences related to this growing expertise, which is now transforming financial service sector.

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