PTA@Ho Fung Lunar New Year Fair

2023-01-18 (Wednesday)
Location : Covered platground
Leader : PTA
Category : Parent Participation¦Others
As always, PTA actively participates in school activities, including those which are organised by the Students' Association. With quarantine-related limitations lifted, the Lunar New Year Fair could finally resume on January 18, 2023 after the two-year suspension. Not wanting to miss this meaningful activity, we appealed to parents to donate some odds and ends for the charity sale. Parents responded enthusiastically and donated many items that are popular among  students. The event was a huge success given that all items were sold quickly. The total proceeds were $1,008, which will be donated to the Community Chest. This activity not only protects the environment, but also does good deeds, and students can buy what they like at a low price!